1-2 February 2023 | Leonardo Royal Hotel Tower Bridge, London UK    #SFIEurope


2023 Agenda

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 - 09:00
Registration and refreshments
 - 09:10
Welcome Address from Solar Media Ltd. & Opening Address from the Chair
, Head of Event Content
, Solar Media
, Principal
, Emanate Capital
 - 09:50
Keynote Panel Discussion
Energy Security, Supply Chain Constraints and the Energy Transition

Within the EU, cumulative capacity has risen from 104GW to 162GW over the past three years. That is equivalent to an annual growth rate of 15%, but the next four years of additions could fall short in several key EU countries.

IEA estimates show around $975bn was invested into power in 2022 (as of late June 2022) but this represents an under-investment compared to the $1.2tn needed to achieve governments’ carbon reduction policies and pales next to the $2tn needed to reach net zero. We’ve seen larger funds being gathered and global fund managers moving renewables up their list of priorities. In this session, we will hear from some of the largest fund managers about how they think we can scale up investment needed to hit net zero.

  • How can the renewables industry rise to meet demand for energy and REPower EU targets?
  • How will the cost of raw materials and their availability affect the economics of solar and storage moving forward?
  • Which key raw materials might be subject to shortages?
  • Will limits on the global supply chain put the march to net zero at risk?
  • What investors and governments could do next to ensure a stable transition
  • Network capacity, curtailment, bottlenecks and delays - developing a solid plan to deal with these issues
, Head of the Power Sector Unit for the World Energy Outlook (WEO)
, International Energy Agency (IEA)
, Managing Partner / CEO
, Glennmont Partners
, Managing Partner & CIO
, NextEnergy Capital
 - 10:30
Panel Discussion
The Fall Then Rise Of CAPEX – How Are The Economics Being Re-Modelled To Account For Increased Costs?
  • CAPEX and power prices went up in 2022, what does this mean for project economics moving forward?
  • How might power prices pan out across Europe - what has winter 2022 shown us?
  • Where can asset owners spend to boost yield and what's not worth it?
  • How have current economics affected projects planned under different scenarios?
, Blue Elephant Energy
, Chairman & CEO
, Solar Ventures
 - 11:10
Keynote Panel Discussion
The Impact of Inflation, Cost of Debt and Macro Factors on Investor Returns and Investment Strategies
  • Energy market reform how will the uncoupling of gas and power prices affect returns?
  • RTB – COD: increasing construction risk of solar PV due to procurement squeeze, longer lead items and labour issues
  • Interest rates increase: bond yield vs infrastructure projects yield
  • Inflation impact in the short and long term

Moderated By

, Senior Director
, Jones Lang LaSalle
, Head of Energy EMEA
, ING Bank NV
, Lightsource bp
 - 11:30
Keynote Presentation
The Future of Solar in Europe
  • What does the future of solar look like in Europe?
  • Possible detractions and challenges the industry might face
  • What’s holding us back from going faster?
  • An assessment of the state of the EU across the board - where are investment opportunities presenting themselves?
, EVP of Europe
, Statkraft

The Economics of European Solar

Technologies & Geographies Stream

Workshop & Networking Zone

 - 12:30
Keynote Panel Discussion
How Should Investors Keep up with the March of Technological Progress?
  • We have seen exciting advances in solar technology over recent years but how are investors keeping up and ensuring the right products are selected for projects?
  • When it comes to improvements, what are investors looking for?
  • How is CAPEX expected to change - have we passed the era of downward cost curves?
  • How are manufacturers building up supply chain?
, Director of Operations and Asset Management
, Low Carbon
, Head of Technical Service & Product Management
, JinkoSolar EU
 - 13:00
Panel Discussion
How Have Power Prices Affected The PPA Market?
  • What is the long-term outlook for power prices in Europe?
  • Who is benefitting the most from the current high prices? (as of August 2022)
  • How do utilities and traders’ price PPAs?
  • How are corporate PPAs typically priced?
  • Utility PPAs vs Corporate PPAs: key differences
, Chief Investment Officer
, NTR plc
, CEO and founder
, Alight
 - 12:30
Panel Discussion
Permitting, Land and Grid Connections - Lifting The Cloud Hanging Over EU Solar
  • The EU has released emergency regulations to accelerate renewables, what will these entail?
  • How are networks responding and aiding growth in renewables?
  • What would an efficient permitting timeline look like?
, VP, Public Affairs, European Wind and Solar
, Statkraft
 - 13:10
Panel Discussion
A United Kingdom of Solar?
  • The UK opportunity in a 40GW+ market
  • Main market players, pipeline and completed projects
  • How are the different markets shaping up (ground mount, C&I, local authority)?
  • The storage opportunity
  • The larger-scale opportunity - Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)
  • Myth-busting
, Co-lead of Policy, Review of Electricity Market Arrangements
, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
, Chief Adviser, Renewable Energy and Climate Change
, National Farmers' Union
, Managing Director
, Bluefield Development
 - 13:00
Round Tables: Developers-Investors Meet & Greet

This session will begin with a quick-fire presentation which will be delivered by a law firm. It will the landscape and context for M&A and partnerships in 2023.

The audience will then split into smaller round table discussion groups where investors and developers can discuss business 1-2-1. Each round table will be hosted by an investor and developers will move around the room.

Tickets only available to developers & investors.

Sponsorship opportunity: Law Firms interested to lead this session should contact Paul Collinson for more information pcollinson@solarmedia.co.uk

, Renewables Sector Head, EMEA
, Macquarie Asset Management
, Managing Director – Renewables
, Ardian
, Chief Investment Officer
, NTR plc
, Blue Elephant Energy
, Managing Director
, Claritas Investments
 - 14:30

The Economics of European Solar.

Technologies & Geographies Stream

Workshop & Networking Zone

 - 15:10
Keynote Panel Discussion
How To Pick The Most Lucrative Solar & Storage Revenue Streams
  • Are asset owners really ready for a merchant world?
  • The PPA/Merchant split
  • Pros and cons of different approaches
  • Actively managing revenue of a portfolio
, Head of Nordic Origination
, Centrica
, Principal of Structured & Asset Origination
, EnBW
, Chief Investment Officer
 - 16:00
Panel Discussion
How Has The Polish Market Fared in 2022?
  • What does the pipeline of projects in Poland look like?
  • Which regions are attractive?
  • With a 47% year-on-year increase, what happened to the Polish PPA market in 2022?
  • How is the grid working to accommodate new development?
  • Which investors have appetite for Poland and what are their return expectations?
, Core Infrastructure, Poland Head of Origination & Asset Management
, Abrdn
, Projects and Investments Director
, Kajima Partnerships Limited
 - 15:10
Panel Discussion
Romania – the New Land of Solar Opportunity

With the Romanian government expected to host auctions for solar in 2023, this panel will examine the market opportunity, reality of doing business in Romania, offtake market and the infrastructure in place to drive the market forward.

, Regional Head, Energy South East Europe, Sustainable Infrastructure Group
, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
, Managing Director
, Claritas Investments
 - 16:00
Panel Discussion
The Business Case for Green Hydrogen and Solar
  • The EU has a 40GW target by 2030, what part of that will be solar-powered?
  • How has the European solar-powered green hydrogen market grown in 2022?
  • Green hydrogen from the perspective of an offtaker
  • Lender and investor perspectives

Moderated By

, Co-Founder and CEO
, Ikigai Capital
, Managing Director, Head of Iberia
, Foresight Group
 - 15:15
Round Table Workshops
Round Tables: How Can Developers Better Manage Supply Chains?
  • What tactics are developers using to ensure supply?
  • Are ESG requirements having an impact on projects?
  • How much local supply needs to be built to secure a European supply chain?
  • Will production in other regions such as expand?
  • How to achieve more sustainable supply with solar projects?

, Procurement Director E&I EMEA
, Aquila Capital
 - 16:00
Round Table Workshops
How Can Networks Support the Deployment of Solar?
  • What real estate and land use needs to be redeveloped and redesigned?
  • How can we work together to ensure the highest fire safety standards?
  • How are financiers looking at this area of the market?
  • Where along the value chain does your business sit?
 - 16:40
Networking Refreshment Break
 - 17:00
Keynote Presentation
New Business Models for a New Economic Era

Kate Raworth's book, Doughnut Economics, sees the economy as a doughnut where there are upper limits to what the planet can sustain and lower limits which apply to growth and economic development. The Doughnut Economics Lab are putting these principles into action and this session will explore how corporations are evolving their business models to stay fit for the future.

, Business and Enterprise Lead
, Doughnut Economics Action Lab
 - 17:40
Panel Discussion
The Solar Finance & Investment Summit is 10 Years Old - How Will Business Models Change in the Next 10-years?

Rewind the clock; it's March 2014 and Solar Media Ltd. is hosting the first edition of Solar Finance & Investment. The global solar market stood at 40 GW (up from 37 GW in 2013) and Europe stood at 7 GW of solar. The UK increased installations by more than 50% to around 2 GW. Subsidies were driving the market, the UK was still part of Europe, Solar Power Europe was still EPIA and battery storage was an emerging but far off prospect.

  • This panel will throw the runes towards 2033 and ask: "what does the next 10-years hold?"
  • Will the market decouple from gas?
  • How might regulation and support change?
  • Security of supply · Green hydrogen · The rise of the platform
  • How is capital innovating - Investment from large utilities and institutions
, Senior Director of Europe
, Clean Power Research
, Head of Global Business Operations
, Lightsource bp
, Technical Director
, Obton
, Managing Partner
, Bluefield
 - 19:00
Drinks Reception
 - 21:00
Private Dinner Hosted by Smartenergy

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